Future has always been a captivating topic but with the rise of the pandemic, it became even more popular. In the past two years, what technology promised has arrived much earlier than estimated. The borders between past, present, and future are now more blurred and ambiguous than ever. In this cycle, AAP will explore the potential of this ambiguity: How will architecture respond to this new condition? How will digital technologies that herald new themes such as Metaverse or mixed-reality environments shape the role of architecture in a world where materiality, gravity, and distance have new meanings?

As in the previous cycles, the AAP team will try to find alternative ways of approaching a prominent subject and develop it through research, design, and a prototype. While we delve into metaverse as promising grounds for architects, and other digital technologies such as AI, VR, and blockchain, AAP will work in collaboration with MEF University Extended Learning and Research Lab and other partner institutions from software engineering, neuropsychology, or level design. For the development of the prototype, AAP will be collaborating with the Zeugma Archaeological Project to investigate the potential of architecture in creating mixed-reality environments.