PARANTEZ, while providing opportunities  to escape from home that  has the limited conditions, it creates a space to work and interact. The conditions that occurred because of the pandemic isolates the individuals, while reducing their privacy. Is it possible to open a parentheses in the urban space in order to reduce this isolation and stuckness that they exposed?  
Alternative Architectural Practices​​​​​​​
Master's Program in Architecture
We have entered a period where there are strong signs of a radical change in the modes of practicing architecture and also in the teaching of architecture. Architects of the future are expected to be working more with the public interest in mind; collaborative practices within the field and across various fields will be common; teamwork at every stage will be regular; they will be developing projects where research and design processes are intertwined; they will be practicing in a more pro-active environment. Within this perspective, we believe that the main goal of architectural education particularly in the graduate level will be completely transformed towards giving young professionals the experience of alternative architectural practices. Only through such an education, the graduates can be empowered to discover and craft our common future.
Through this perspective and philosophy, we are hoping that ‘Alternative Architectural Practices’ program will contribute towards the discovery of new professional paths with its design, research and production-based focus. Our students will be part of a real design research process through the projects developed with our program partners from the industry. Beyond these ‘real-world’ research-by-design projects our students will take supportive courses leading to a rigorous graduate program.
The program consists of four semesters; however, its structure is slightly different from other conventional graduate programs of architecture in Turkey. In the first two semesters the students take their required courses and also the studio sequence. Student also start developing their thesis during their second semester. In the following summer, the studio will move to prototyping and implementation stage. Finally, in their last semester students focus on their thesis and complete the program.
Prof. Dr. Arda İnceoğlu, Dean, MEF FADA