Metal Yapı​​​​​​​
Industrial Partner, Programme Sponsor ​​​​​​​
Metal Yapı has raised the bar in the facade sector. For Metal Yapı, it is no longer sufficient to produce the highest quality products or to use the best materials. Metal Yapı sets itself apart from competitors by combining these basic attributes with less tangible added value elements such as innovative design taking into account multiple viewpoints, anticipating the needs of the end users, speed and rapid response in all phases of the project and, above all a customer friendly approach to the client.
Metal Yapı combines these elements of its operating model into it’s stated goal to be the best facade company of the world by the year 2023. The best, not the biggest big enough to be well known over the world, yet small enough to be well managed. The most effective with its quality and service, the most efficient by reinforcing its own competitive power. How do we achieve this? By designing better, being faster in all activities, more responsive to inquiries, more flexible to change requests, providing better service, and being more innovative than competitors in striving to provide competitive solutions for valued clients.