Şebnem Yücel
Şebnem Yücel’s research questions the representation of places, buildings and histories, and concentrates on the modernization in non-western contexts. She received her B.Arch (1993) from Middle East Technical University, Turkey, MSc. Arch (1998) from University of Cincinnati, and Ph.D. (2003) from Arizona State University. Some of her publications include “Minority Heterotopias: The Cortijos of Izmir” (2016) in ARQ: Architectural Research Quarterly; “Regional/Modern and the Rest” (2015) in Architecture, Culture, Interpretation; “Identity Calling: Turkish Architecture and the West” (2007) in Architecture, Ethics and the Personhood of Place. She is a contributor to International Journal of Islamic Architecture since 2018, with the articles published under the section "Architectural Spotlight.”