In this cycle, AAP will focus on the topic “waste”. Though the topic is wide, the program will mostly focus on the waste coming from sewage, which are invisible extensions of buildings and cities. Primarily, waste is the palpable trace of human beings on earth. However, when the relationship between human and nature evolves, waste becomes a more complicated subject. Modern life requires waste to get out of sight immediately. The further the waste is, the more invisible it becomes. When Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, returned from a trip into space, he offered to “move all heavy industry and all polluting industry off of Earth and operate it in space”. But what if the solution is looking closer to our waste, rather than throwing it out as far as possible? 

In 2021-2022 cycle, AAP will discover new strategies of dealing with waste, using architecture as a tool. As in the previous cycles of the program, the final prototype is aimed to be a small-scale application while the research process will explore the subject from a larger perspective. This year, AAP will continue to collaborate with Fibrobeton, Metal Yapı and SO? as in the previous years. Additionally, this year the program collaborates with two other institutions, MAD as the research partner, IPA as the public partner. 
Bingül Çakacı, Duygu Saygı, Hatice Merve Arslanbenzer, Kevser Reyyan Doğan, Mehmet Yalçın Demircan

Studio Instructor
Aysima Akın, Oral Göktaş

Industry Partners